Redo Bariatric Procedures




There is a wide choice of bariatric surgeries, and it takes a professional, well-experienced team to plan weight loss and health goals. If you choose to lose, you must be physically and psychologically prepared for the surgery and the journey afterwards. Sometimes, the primary bariatric surgery may not yield the expected results. In this case, you need to opt for a redo bariatric procedure.

Bariatric surgery may lead to complications which don’t recede over a period of time as expected. This could be due to technical issues in the surgery itself. A repeat surgery with the aid of laparoscopy can help and be a ray of hope for the patient. It is however important to discuss well with your surgeon, whether you chose to repeat the surgery with same surgeon or look for another expert.

Surgeries that don’t yield the expected results in weight loss or starts showing diminished results may have gone wrong in its principle—for example, choosing Gastrectomy instead of bypass surgery. This also needs a repeat procedure.

Bariatric surgeries are not just quick fixes, they need commitment and lifelong dedication to reap benefits from the procedure.