A hydrocele is a condition in which fluid builds up around the testicle. Hydrocele is usually painless and develops slowly. Hydrocele usually occurs in newborns, but it can also occur in adults. Hydrocele is generally harmless and will resolve on its own without treatment. However, if Hydrocele does not resolve on its own or causes discomfort, surgery may be necessary to remove the fluid and correct the problem.

Signs and Symptoms

There may be mild pain, and the scrotum looks enlarged and swollen. The hydrocele may gradually enlarge, causing constant pain or discomfort in some. The dragging sensation is one of the most common symptoms that patients complain of.

Diagnosis and tests

Hydrocele is diagnosed on physical examination by a physician or a surgeon. The bulge in the groin area is checked by asking to cough. A beam of light passing through the bulge highlights the collection of fluid, thus determining the condition.

However, a diagnostic ultrasound confirms the presence of a Hydrocele and determines if it is mild, moderate, or severe. It also allows us to know if it is a simple hydrocele or a cyst.



Hydrocele is a common condition that a qualified surgeon can easily treat. Even though it doesn’t affect fertility, it may cause pain and embarrassment, thus making it important to treat it. Medications cannot treat a hydrocele; they can only give symptomatic relief for the pain.

The surgical procedure for hydrocele is done with spinal anesthesia or general anesthesia. A simple incision followed by drainage of the fluid and suturing back. It has a good prognosis.

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