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Dr. Rohit Kumar – One of the best General Surgeon in Dubai

Dr. Rohit Kumar, is the bariatric or weight loss surgeon in Dubai. He is a highly experienced general/ laparoscopic surgeon working at International Modern Hospital. Having decades of experience in the medical field, he surpasses all forms of excellence; furthermore, having been heading surgical departments at renowned hospitals means that not only has Dr. Kumar got plenty of expertise but also drives him forward towards learning more about different topics, which include Fellowships and Heading up Surgical Departments.

With his expertise in Bariatric surgery, he has helped countless patients lose weight and improve their health. Dr. Kumar has performed over 6000 successful surgeries in tandem with his team. All his efforts are targeted toward the best patient care. He’s a true expert General Surgeon through and through and one of the best in the UAE.


One of the Best Indian Bariatric Surgeon in Dubai.

Dr. Rohit Kumar is renowned as one of the best Indian bariatric surgeons in Dubai, known for his exceptional skills and dedication to his patients. His reputation is built on a foundation of successful surgeries and satisfied patients who have achieved significant weight loss and improved health under his care. Dr. Rohit performs over 100+ surgeries each month and receives positive reviews from his patients, highlighting his expertise and compassionate approach to patient care. His commitment to excellence makes him a leader in bariatric surgery in the UAE.

Dr. Amna Bhatti

Dr. Amna Bhatti, MD, is a Physician and team member at Choose to Lose and an expert in bariatric and pediatric patient care. She has been working in the United Arab Emirates for nearly a decade and is skilled in managing the healthcare needs of our patients. Dr. Bhatti is also a trained surgeon and has a keen interest in helping our patients lose weight safely and effectively. As a result, she is an excellent choice for those considering bariatric surgery. Choose to Lose is committed to providing the highest quality of care to its patients, and Dr. Bhatti is an integral part of our team. We are confident that she will give you the expert care and support you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

Our Team

Weight loss Clinic in Dubai

Our years of experience in the weight loss and bariatric surgery field, enabling patients to regain their lives, has led to the inception of Choose to Lose team. Our team comprises our expert bariatric and laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Rohit Kumar, associate surgeon Dr. Amna Bhatti and a stellar team comprising healthcare professionals ranging from physicians, dieticians, physical therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors. Losing weight is a choice you make for yourself, and our Choose to Lose team is with you every step you take towards weight loss.

We also evaluate an individual for comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension, metabolic issues like Polycystic ovarian disease, hypothyroidism, and others that may contribute to weight gain.

 After highlighting the individual’s BMI and comorbidities, we make an individualized diet plan and keep them in a close loop for regular assessment at our hands. Individuals who fall into the moderate to severe obesity category (BODY MASS INDEX OF 35 AND HIGHER) are subjected to surgery for weight loss, where we provide them with the procedure that suits them the best.

We perform bariatric procedures that include sleeve gastrectomy, mini gastric bypass, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, and redo bariatric procedures.

 Patients who do not wish to undergo surgery or fall into the category of grade 1 obesity can be prescribed FDA-approved injections for weight loss and tablets after a thorough evaluation of their hormonal balances. We also have an option for a gastric balloon, a non-invasive, non-sedating procedure to help an individual lose weight and maintain it.

 A Gastric Balloon is a device that is placed into the stomach. The balloon is then filled with a saline solution and slowly inflated to stretch the stomach. This allows patients to eat less food and feel full more quickly. The balloon is removed once the patient has achieved their weight loss goals.

 Our Choose to Lose is a program centered on managing weight wherein we support non-surgical programs focused on diet, exercise, medication, and surgical treatments. It is complete with weight maintenance programs focusing on healthy eating and lifestyle management. We suggest to our patient’s various exercise modalities that best suit their health condition and available time.

Sleeve Gastrectomy in Dubai

Sleeve Gastrectomy, also known as Gastric sleeve surgery, is a weight loss procedure where a large part of the stomach is removed, creating a smaller “sleeve” or tube-shaped stomach. This reduces the stomach’s capacity, leading to a feeling of fullness with smaller meals and ultimately helping in weight loss. The procedure is typically performed laparoscopically, resulting in faster recovery times compared to traditional surgery. It is often recommended for individuals with severe obesity or those who have not achieved success with other weight loss methods.

Sleeve Gastrectomy in Dubai, performed by Dr. Rohit Kumar, is a highly effective weight loss surgery. With a focus on patient safety and well-being, Dr. Kumar combines his expertise with advanced surgical techniques to help patients achieve their weight loss goals. Contact Dr. Kumar today to learn more about how Sleeve Gastrectomy can transform your life.

We also support essential tips to keep weight gain at bay with recipes that are easy to manage in any household with limited time and resources. Meet our team to lose weight and get your confidence back.

  • Calorie Management
  • Track your progress
  • Result Oriented Programs
  • Personalised Meal Plans
  • Exercise Guidance
  • Post-Surgery Management
  • Comprehensive Health Coaching

Journey post procedure:

We wish to continue a lifetime relationship with all our patients undergoing the procedure. To do so, we have made a support group where we all gather and contribute to each other‘s well-being. Since weight loss is itself a special feeling that changes one’s life for the better tomorrow, we go hand in hand to support and be there whenever in need. No one is left behind, and our team is there to regularly answer all the queries post-surgery or post-injection or medical therapy to help you be the fittest and not just fit.

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